Mental Health Research Team

To take our Mental Health Survey, click here or see the ‘Research Survey’ link at To find out more and to view the official study poster of the Mental Health Survey of UBC students, click here.

A team working with UBC faculty on a study of campus mental health in the hopes of identifying gaps in the current system and encouraging the creation of new initiatives to bridge those gaps.

Project Aurora is acutely aware of the fact that detailed data on student mental health is not readily accessible to the UBC community. The Project Aurora Mental Health Research Team works to change that. This anonymous survey is an opportunity to gather essential descriptive data on student mental health status and experiences, likes and dislikes about support resources on campus, treatment preferences, and facilitators and barriers to help seeking behaviors. There are also several questions on wellbeing and demographics.

These survey results help Project Aurora to better understand the mental health challenges that different UBC student populations face. Our aims are to:

Make a profile of student mental health publically accessible to the UBC community

Engage with on-campus support resources constructively

Offer evidence-based recommendations to improve existing on-campus resources

Work to improve mental health resource accessibility for the various diverse student communities at UBC